Framing Systems

Conventional Frame

Conventional Frames

Conventional framing is used in low rise and multi-story construction

Rigid Frame Continuous Beam

Rigid Frame and Continuous Beam

The Rigid Frame is the ideal system when economical, column-free interior space is desired. Clear spans up to 300' or more are available, along with On-Center and Off-Center Ridges and Single-Slope designs. All these economical clear-span structures permit unsurpassed flexibility in use of interior space. If interior support columns are acceptable then the use of continuous beam frames are best design option.

Continuous Truss

Continuous Truss

The open web design of Continuous Truss frames offers construction cost savings through optimal material use and reduction of required building heights.

Truss Frame

Truss Beam

If your building plans call for unobstructed, column-free interior space, open web Truss Beam frame offers long, clear spans, along with the advantages of open web rafters.

Hybrid Frame

Hybrid Structures

Hybrid projects are defined by their need for a tall structure, long span capabilities, and specific heavy design load requirements.

Bar Joist

Bar Joist

Bar Joist are used when spans of 40' and greater are needed. Truss Purlin

Truss Purlin

Truss purlins offer the same advantage as bar joist but with a economical advantage. Secondary

Purlins and Girts

Gage secondary members can be fabricated from 7" to 12" deep members.

Hot Rolled

Hot Rolled Secondary

Hot Rolled secondary can be used when gage material will not work or when items such as masonry needs to be supported between columns.