Roof Panels

SSR PanelStanding Seam

The SSR System is a low-slope, clip mounted standing seam roof that meets the most demanding performance specifications. These durable, low-maintenance panels are interlocked and mechanically field-seamed in place, yielding a single membrane allowing for quick construction and strength at a lower cost. The slotted clip allows up to 3 1/4" of thermal movement. Panels are available in either 22 or 24 gauge zinc aluminum coated steel with 3"-high ribs. Available in colored or Galvalume.™

SLR Roof

Straight Leg Standing Seam

This architectural/structural roof system is a low-slope, concealed-fastener roof that meets most architectural performance specifications. Using factory-installed sealant, pre-caulked galvanized clips, and field-seaming, this roof system provides unsurpassed performance and leak resistance. Panels are available in 22 or 24 gauge Galvalume steel. The thermally responsive galvanized panel clip combines a 22 gauge hook and a 16 gauge clip.

Panel Rib

Ribbed Panel

This attractive, high-quality, low-maintenance roof is ideal for tight budgets. The 36"-wide panel is attached with self-drilling, color-matched fasteners. This system offers you enhanced roof integrity and quicker installation. Sealant is applied to every metal-to-metal contact point, resulting in a weather-resistant roof. The panel has 1-1/4" high ribs and comes in lengths up to 41'. Panels are available in either 24 or 26 gauge zinc aluminum coated steel.

B Deck

"B" Deck Panel

It combines the efficiency, speed, and economy of steel systems construction with the esthetic performance of a membrane roof system.

Soffit Panels

Soffit Panel

Designed for commercial Soffit or fascia applications where a flush modular appearance is desired, Painted Steel Flush Soffit Liner Panels are made of 24 gauge zinc-coated or aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel with standard profiles available in 12" widths.

Mansard Fascia

Mansard Panel

These standing seam panels are available in 10-3/16" or 18-5/8" width coverage and are designed for mounting over plywood substrates. They are available in 24 gauge steel and seams are 1" in height.

Wall Panels

PR Wall

Ribbed Wall Panel

For economy, Panel Rib beats wood, concrete, or masonry alternatives. Self-drilling, color-matched fasteners and a 36" panel width give you rapid, economical installation. Panel Rib comes in lengths up to 41', which can provide a continuous panel from foundation to eave. This eliminates the need for end-laps and assures you of wall integrity and weather-tightness. 26 gauge is standard, but you also have the option of 22 or 24 gauge.


V-Ribbed Panel

The Vee Rib wall panel features a V-groove pattern, semi-concealed fasteners located in the bottom of the groove, and 1-1/4" reveals. Its surface, embossed for esthetic appeal, reduces glare. Self-drilling fasteners and 36" panel width provide for economical installation. Vee Rib comes in lengths up to 39', which can provide a continuous panel from foundation to eave, eliminating the need for end-laps while assuring wall integrity and weather-tightness.

Tech 4 Panel

Hidden Fastener Panel

Panel offers 16” coverage with 1/4” high, 4” wide alternating fluted profile. Available in lengths of up to 40’, can provide continuous coverage from foundation to eave — eliminating the need for end laps and assuring superior weather tightness. Manufactured in sturdy 24 gauge steel for added strength and erectability. Deep overall profile easily adapts to a variety of insulation options (including batt, blanket or rigid board) creating a more energy-efficient building envelope.

ArchitecturalArchitectural Panel

These wall panels provide 36" width coverage with a decorative shadow line and semi-concealed fasteners. Rib height is 1-1/4" on 12" centers; and this panel is provided in 26 gauge is standard, but you also have the option of 22 or 24 gauge.

Texture Clad

Textured Panel

Texture panel combines the rich look of textured stucco with the strength and durability of 20 gauge steel to create a lightweight, easy-to-install, exterior wall system. Panels are designed to meet the demands of local building ordinances where traditional metal wall panels are prohibited. Finish is resistant to water, cracking, flaking, chalking, and mildew and backed with a 20-year warranty. Texture panels can be attached directly to standard wall girts with up to 6" of batt insulation and also work great as a soffit.

Insulated Panel

Double-walled insulated panel

Insulated panels offer superior thermal performance for your commercial application. These sturdy double walled sandwich panel have an insulated core made from foamed in-place, blister free, non-CFC polyurethane. The embossed G-90 steel exterior panels are coated in 70% fluoropolymer finish to provide long term, low maintenance performance. Interior panels are planked design 24 gauge steel, factory coated with a white polyester finish. USDA approved finishes available. Panels are avalible in thicknesses of 2" thru 6".

Fire Rated Panels

Fire Panel

fiRe 1-hour fire rated exterior wall and interior partition panels are factory assembled from a unique combination
of tried and true cladding components resulting in a building composite that delivers superior performance in all categories compared with mineral wool core sandwich panels. fiRe 1 -hour walls are designed to match all standard AWIP facing profiles and finishes so you won't have to settle for compromised aesthetics. With an R Value of 32, fiRe panels will meet today's restrictive energy requirements without having to weigh over 8 pounds per square foot and be 9" thick.